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A Franchise Marketing System that is Revolutionizing In-store Experiences

The franchise marketing system by Authentic Visits is enhancing in-store experiences by implementing its Loyalty Smart Signs with embedded intelligence. Any ordinary sign can now have intelligence to achieve a brand’s marketing goal.


Authentic Visits, an award-winning retail technology, has unveiled its innovative Franchise Marketing System with Smart Signs. The launch of this technology is transforming the retail industry by improving the in-store experience, increasing foot traffic, and preventing negative customer reviews. Authentic Visits Smart Signs are emerging as a beacon of innovation in franchisor marketing by turning everyone’s phone into a magical wand. Unlike other in-store solutions, no app is required, and no sign up is required, making customer participation instant and fun. By adding an Authentic Visits Smart Sign to a retail shop, the multi-location marketing technology engages with each visitor uniquely to maximize revenue and increase foot traffic.

A New Era of Retail Customer Engagement

We are now seeing the demise of boring retail. It is now imperative to have exciting in-store experiences to thrive in today’s competitive retail market. Authentic Visits’ Franchise Marketing System enables any retail shop to enhance every customer visit experience and manage their multi-location marketing. Any retail store can now place an Authentic Visits Smart Sign to instantly add excitement to retail visits, that also aligns with the Franchisor’s multi-location marketing goals. The Franchise technology contains a microchip in the Smart Sign that has intelligence to treat specific visitors accordingly and incentivize specific customer behavior.

Franchise businesses are no strangers to the challenge of optimizing foot traffic, particularly during off-peak hours. Authentic Visits’ Smart Sign technology addresses this challenge by activating during specific times of the day. The Smart Signs have intelligence, breathing new life into quieter hours and creating a dynamic shopping environment. The result is a captivating journey that not only entices customers to re-enter the store but also fosters a sense of loyalty and prevents bad reviews. Authentic Visits multi-location marketing solution is affordable and turnkey, it starts working its magic soon as Smart Signs are placed at any physical retail location. “Our Smart Sign technology is a game-changer for Franchisor marketing looking to increase walk-in traffic, enhance the in-store experience, shield against negative reviews, gamify specific times in the day and much more.” says Ahmer Beg, the visionary behind Authentic Visits.

Seamless and Engaging: No App and No Signup

In-store experiences that are frictionlessAt the heart of Authentic Visits’ Smart Sign technology is its commitment to simplicity to ensure the highest customer engagement rates. Unlike other retail loyalty solutions, no app is required, and no sign-up is required. Customers can enjoy a frictionless instant interaction that enhances their visit without any barriers or spam concerns. This approach ensures that every interaction is quick and instant.

Authentic Visits Signs essentially turns everyone’s phone into a magical wand that unlocks an experience on every visit. “The beauty of our Smart Sign technology is that there is no app required and no sign-up required, making it instant for everyone.” Ahmer explains. Based on market research, most customers will not download a new retail branded app because they have app fatigue. Secondly, customers do not want to sign up or register as they have spamming concerns.

A frictionless experience takes in-store visits to a whole new level and adds a new layer of marketing never seen before. Authentic Visits can deploy unique experiences into the Smart Signs ranging from time sensitive offers on specific visits, unlocking video games that can only be played at your locations, monetizing foot traffic, bringing awareness to the brand’s CSR initiatives, collecting feedback from customers or encouraging them to download a retailer’s app, or prevent bad reviews, and much more. The Smart Sign behavior of any location can be updated in real-time from the Authentic Visits’ Experience Studio. Additionally, senior executives of the franchise will have access to unique analytics and see how each store location is performing.

Proven Performance: Boosting Foot Traffic and Revenue

Basil Box, a dynamic and quickly expanding franchise, uses the Authentic Visits’ Franchise Marketing System. They have placed Smart Signs at their locations to drive foot traffic to their slower periods in the day. Their customized Smart Signs are used to gamify the visit experience with a unique scratch card that instantly shows on a customer’s phone. Each displayed scratch card unlocks experiences and surprises based on their visit loyalty. This not only drives foot traffic but also urges them to return often to see what they unlock on their next visit.

As the Smart Signs at Basil Box locations spring to life during their traditionally slower hours, visitors are met with an experience that is both interactive and rewarding, leading to increased spending and a heightened sense of satisfaction. Millennials and Gen Z customers particularly enjoy the gamification, as they never know what they and their friends can unlock.

Kyra Ana, the Business Development Manager at Basil Box, attests to the transformative power of the Smart Sign technology. In her words, “When customers step into our retail locations during our Happy Hour from 2pm to 5pm, they’re stepping into a world of excitement when they engage with our customized Smart Signs.” Kyra also adds, “By placing Authentic Visits Smart Signs at our locations, we’ve witnessed a surge in foot traffic of Millennials and Generation Z customers, with an increase month over month.”

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By placing Authentic Visits Smart Signs at our locations, we’ve witnessed a surge in foot traffic of Millennials and Generation Z customers, with an increase month over month.

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